The two neighbouring villages of Landbeach and Waterbeach, separated now by a busy A10, have, like all rural villages, witnessed many changes over the years. Before the draining of the fens in 17th and 18th centuries, the two villages were inextricably linked Waterbeach was used for summer farming and grazing, and Landbeach for the winter months when Waterbeach would be flooded. While the histories of both villages are well documented, this website and the exhibition at the Farmland Museum looks at these changes from the view point of the people who have lived in the villages.

From the outset we were inundated with information and after much consideration settled on the following themes to best portray the changes in the villages:

  • Transport
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Commerce
  • Leisure

All the photographs and ephemera on the site and at the exhibition have been kindly loaned by local residents and those who have links to the village. Please take a look at the site and reminisce as you listen to the memories we have recorded.

Finally, as with Landbeach and Waterbeach, the exhibition is developing all the time and additional information can be added to the site. Should you have any information or photographs that you would like to have scanned and included, or if wish to have the museum staff contact you, please email us on education@f-m-denny.fsnet.co.uk

Thank you and enjoy the site.

The Farmland Museum